Many Ankara escorts dream of going to events, parties, dinner and doing more than a 1-2 hour time spent in a bedded room. Ankara escort party are famous for glam style too. The question is: do they try hard enough to make their dreams come true? Of course, it’s better to spend an entire night with a client than three, four or even five people in an evening. You will be less tired and even have some fun or at least go to new places. However, if you only advertise sexual services, that’s not the only thing customers are willing to pay you. Remember, your friendship is a service too, so show it off.

Today we want to present a series of steps to transform yourself into an Event Ankara escort. Head to stylish restaurants for dinner. Accompany businessmen (or women) to contracts and various social events. After all, a good escort is not only skilled at horizontal mambo. He (or should) master the art of speaking and socializing. Make your customers feel like the luckiest people to have you with them, even if it’s just for one night.

Plan Ankara escort party ahead

If you know that there is something big like a convention in your town, don’t start your research two days in advance. Create a calendar, get informed and start advertising to that target group. Events you should consider include medical contracts and IT conventions, but you can also search for international companies in your city. Executives in large companies tend to travel a lot, so it might be your ideal region that isn’t easily explored all year round.

Understand the differences in Ankara escort party

Booking only one customer per night doesn’t mean a more lucrative business, but it will definitely be much more relaxing than spending time between on / off and reset among customers. However, when you book a stand-alone client, you cannot perform any shows. Make sure you get a substantial deposit (20% should be fair). After all, we offer a VIP service.

Advertising time is important

Once you know that a convention or a possible wave of clients is around the corner in two months or more, it’s time to write some ads accordingly. Forget the classic ones you’ve done so far and be specific. If you want to attend events, tell them that you are “a companion for the XY conference”. Tell us about the city where it happened. You can even start running ads six months in advance, because Google is always looking, even if the guys don’t look that early. Index yourself well and consistently with the right keywords (city, convention + type of friend) and when your prospects start looking, you will be the first in their search.

It may take some time. It is not enough to throw an ad six months in advance. You must constantly advertise your services. That’s why blog posts about your website and suggest fun activities that you and your customers can do while in town. Your posts don’t have to be long; they should only be continuous and comprehensive (ie the contract, the period of availability and the city are always mentioned).